I. Organization

The Order known as the Mug Users Guild (herein after referred to as MUG) is an unincorporated association and hereby declares all rights as such.

II. Mission

MUG advocates the glorified wielding of reusable beverage receptacles, shunning the feckless use of disposable cups (i.e. reusable mug = good; disposable cup = bad). MUG encourages coffee establishments globally to adopt a responsible code of conduct to discontinue the mass distribution of wasteful to-go cups; offering reusable mugs as the only option to thirsty patrons.

III. Membership

Mug-wielding members pledge their word and their honor, under the morals, values and bylaws of MUG; to make visible their proud devotion and affiliation with the Order. Corporate enterprise(s) and/or independent retail outlet(s) wishing to adopt the MUG decree may do so in accord with one another.

Membership is achieved when an individual(s) and/or institution(s) endorse the MUG Certificate of Adherence, which thereby grants members full access to historic collections of antiquities as well as guidance through ritual transition.

[The Code Enforcement Officer may, at his/her discretion and in the best interest of the Order, consider petitions for membership by institutions, which do not explicitly meet the above criteria, however undertake a similar mission with potential to further contribute to the advancement of MUG and its membership.]

IV. Membership Responsibilities

a. All members are responsible for paying annual dues of any amount of their own discretion.
b. Each member shall refrain from the unauthorized use of disposable cups.
c. Each Member is expected to fully participate in sharing resources except to the extent that one may risk viral infection.
d. Each member shall personally invest in maintaining and promoting the mission of MUG, while upholding the principle values of the Order.
e. Each member shall meet and remain in compliance with the a-fore-mentioned membership responsibilities and established guidelines set by the Order.

V. Voting Rights

No vote is a safe vote.

VI. Termination of Membership

a. Any member may withdraw from the Order by notifying the Office of Member Gratitude (OMG) in writing by April 22nd, of the fiscal year prior to departure and complete the Form of Aborted Ideals and Labor (FAIL).
b. The Order reserves the right to grieve over the loss of any and all members.

VII. Governance

a. Board of Chancellors – oversee all affairs of MUG except those explicitly reserved for input from the entire Order.
b. Code Enforcement Officer(s) – will be appointed to three-year terms by the Board of Chancellors. The chief duty for all Code Enforcement Officers shall be the oversight of Member activity, ensuring that all Members uphold the values of the Order.
c. Board Organization – The Board of Chancellors will establish committees and task forces that it deems necessary to support the operational and programmatic activities of the Order. Committees and task forces will assist Members in the development, implementation, operation and evaluation of programs and services; provide the Board with advice and recommendations related to policy, management, fiscal, and on other matters that require the Board's attention.
d. Curatorial Officers – The sole responsibility of Curatorial Officers shall be to unearth reusable beverage receptacles of formal and informal significance and entrust them to the Order for inclusion in the MUG Archive. The most enjoyable of all appointments.

VIII. Amendments

These bylaws cannot and will not be amended, not even by two-thirds vote of membership on any properly proposed and considered amendment regarding any of the bylaws specified in this article. Do not fret. Just use a mug.


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